Success Through Collaboration

Frank R. Ruehr Jr. is a Shalersville Township Trustee who has been a constant driving force for the rehabilitation of the Polly Road house.

“After years of trying to clean up a distressed property in our Red Fox development, Portage County Land Bank came aboard and things started happening. After gaining possession of the property decisions needed to be made as how to proceed. Tear down the house and sell the property to a neighbor? Sell the property to someone who will hopefully proceed in a timely fashion cleaning up and rehabbing? A third option was decided on and we couldn’t be happier. The Portage County Land Bank decided they would oversee the cleanup and repairs to see it was done right and in a timely fashion. As you can see the results were remarkable. Thanks Portage County Land Bank for your help. The neighborhood looks a lot better thanks to all your hard work.”

Frank R. Ruehr Jr.

Shalersville Township Trustee

Misty Henderson purchased a side lot from the Portage County Land Bank in Windham.

“The Portage County Land Bank allowed me to purchase the lot next to my property so that I could expand my yard and increase my home’s value. Thank you Portage County Land Bank and staff for your prompt service.”

Misty Henderson, Resident

“We are excited about our partnership with the Portage County Land Bank. We have benefitted from several projects which have helped to beautify Palmyra Township.”

Robert Dunn

Palmyra Township Trustee




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