The Portage County Land Bank facilitates the conversion of vacant, blighted, abandoned, and tax delinquent properties to productive use for the benefit of our community.


Land Bank Revitalizes Communities, Seeks Grants

The Portage County Land Reutilization Corporation (Land Bank) has released its most recent annual report.  The Land Bank, a non-profit dedicated to revitalizing our communities, focuses on converting vacant and blighted properties into productive use. This report details our success in returning fifty-two (52) properties to the tax rolls in 2023.
Looking ahead, we’re committed to expanding our impact. We recently applied for nearly $3 million in grant funding from the Ohio Department of Development. We are excited to hear more soon about our requests and even more ready to get to work with these new investments.  The programs we have applied for funding include:
  • Welcome Home Ohio Program – $780,000 application to expand affordable homeownership opportunities
  • Brownfield Remediation Program – $1.0 million application to address environmentally impacted commercial and industrial sites in an effort to keep them financially viable and better positioned for future redevelopment
  • Building Demolition and Site Revitalization Program – $1.2 million application to address the negative impacts of vacant and abandoned properties and clear the way for future economic growth


The Portage County Land Bank seeks to collaborate with local governments, residents, contractors and investors to acquire property, remove blight, and return land to productive use. The land bank can only intervene with properties that are tax delinquent. To determine if a property is tax delinquent, visit the Portage County Auditor’s website. To inquire about a specific property with the land bank complete a Property Inquiry Form (PDF) and contact us. If you are a contractor interested in doing business with the Land Bank complete the Contractor Registration Form.