• Brad CromesTreasurer, Board Chair
  • Kathleen ClydeCommissioner, Vice-Chair
  • Bridget SuselCity of Kent, Board Treasurer
  • Sue FieldsBrimfield Township
  • Vicki A. Kline, CPACommissioner
County Auditor
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PCLRC?

The PCLRC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to facilitate the conversion of vacant, blighted, abandoned, and tax delinquent properties to productive use for the benefit of our community.

Why is there a need for the Land Bank now?
“The costs of dealing with vacant and abandoned properties fall mainly to local governments, which are often unable to break the cycle of foreclosure to abandonment to blight. They are thwarted by heavy costs, the lack of a timely legal mechanism to acquire properties, liability concerns, and no overarching strategy to address the problems at a regional level. Land Banks provide that mechanism.” (Breaking the Housing Crisis Cycle: Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, 2008, pg. 18).
How does the Land Bank acquire properties?
The PCLRC acquires properties in accordance with its acquisition policies. The main source of properties are tax foreclosures; however, the Land Bank can also accept donations and purchase properties outright, in certain circumstances.
What does the Land Bank do with properties it acquires?

The Land Bank assesses properties for demolition and rehabilitation and re-sale. Assessments for re-sale take into consideration the condition of the property’s electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roof and foundation. For properties considered appropriate for rehabilitation, the Land Bank will determine the specifications, bid the project and oversee the rehabilitation of the unit prior to the unit being listed for sale on its website. Properties assessed for demolition undergo asbestos surveys and any necessary remediation prior to demolition. Upon completion of demolition, properties will be handled via the PCLRC’s Disposition Policies.

How can I purchase a property owned by the Land Bank?

Property will be sold according to its Disposition Policies. Eligible buyers can express interest in side lots by contacting the Administrative Coordinator, Jennifer Robison at [email protected]. Other properties eligible for sale will be listed with Sarah Taylor of Ohio Realty Group at 330-296-9000, 330-524-2112, or at [email protected].

Who is responsible for the governance and operations of the Land Bank?
The Land Bank is governed by a Board of Directors. Ohio law requires a minimum of five directors, including: two county commissioners, the county treasurer, a representative from the largest city and a representative from the largest township. The Land Bank’s by-laws also call for two additional directors: one with real estate experience and one with finance experience.

The Land Bank Board of Directors is currently under contract with Neighborhood Development Services, Inc. to serve as the Land Bank’s staff and Executive Director. All questions regarding the operation of the Land Bank and its activities should be directed to NDS.

How often does the Board of Directors meet?

Official meetings of the Board of Directors are held quarterly. For specific details on the dates and times for upcoming meetings, please contact NDS.